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I am a visual storyteller and writer, specializing in illustration and stop-motion animation with a touch of whimsy. Fundamental to my design philosophy is the belief that media can be used as a tool for education and social good.


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Stephanie Federico,

Digital News Editor at KUT 90.5

I have been continually blown away by Hazel's creativity and speed. She has done amazing work for on a wide range of subjects – from school boundaries to the psychology of politics to sexual assault prosecutions. She comes up with ideas quickly – often without a whole lot of guidance. She's great to work with, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her for a project. 

Bob Hall,

Board Member at the California Native Plant Society

I'm grateful to Hazel because she stepped forward and volunteered on some design projects at a time of great need. We had to have more outreach material to address our members and future members growing needs and curiosity. The results were amazing. Hazel worked on three projects for us and nailed the briefs on basically her first round of work. She has an intuitive ability to cut through all of the instructions, assimilate all the points we needed to make and quickly deliver designs that are clean and bold. She's responsive, personable and professional. I can't wait to work with her again.

Yasmin Mistry,

LLC Director at Foster Care Film & Community Engagement Project

Hazel worked with us to create storyboards for an animated documentary film. She was passionate about the project and worked quickly and efficiently under both tight time & budget constraints. Her work helped us visualize our ideas and laid the foundation for the entire film. The film would not be what it is today without her hard work and creativity. I would definitely recommend Hazel as a storyboard artist and hope to work with her again on future projects.

I have worked with a variety of clients as both a freelancer and an agency designer, including NPR Next Generation Radio, KUT Media 90.5, Foster Care Film, the California Native Plant Society, Laffy Taffy, Bowflex, National Today, the Texas Travesty, the SF Sunset Beacon, and myriad film directors in Austin, TX and New York, NY. I am always excited to collaborate on a project, and I approach each new design challenge with an appetite to learn and a yes-we-can attitude. 

Project Case Studies

Please click below to learn more about past projects that I have worked on as an illustrator, graphic designer, storyboard artist, and filmmaker. 

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