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Professional Work Samples: Bowflex Banner Ads and Laffy Taffy Social Media


Sponsored posts don't do much unless you give your audience a reason to click. Maximize your spending with engaging and strategic digital content, perfectly tailored to steer targeted audiences towards your home page. 

As a graphic designer at TOP Agency, I was a key team member on our Laffy Taffy and Bowflex accounts. 

Case Study 1:

The beloved vintage candy, Laffy Taffy, joined social media in February 2019. Working directly with our art director, I played a lead role in translating the candy’s signature colorful flavors and humor to the digital age through the development of a bright and silly visual language. Much of our content was based on national holidays, so that Laffy Taffy could build a fanbase quickly by hopping on already-trending hashtags, while targeting fans of family-friendly humor. My special contribution was to leverage my stop-motion animation skills to make fun stretchy videos for Instagram and Facebook, which performed with average CPE as low as a penny per click.

Case Study 2:

A display ad campaign for a specific Bowflex home cross-trainer emphasized the convenience of home workouts, especially during harsh winter temperatures. The ads were translated into French, Dutch, and German and ran

in Europe over winter 2018-2019. The combined display ads performed well, with 19,500,000 impressions, 96,000 clicks, and ultimately, 5,600 conversions.


  • Campaign Ideas

  • Market and User Research

  • Branding

  • Display Ads (static and animated, all aspect ratios, banner and native ads)

  • Social Media content (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest videos, texts, and photographs)